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Tristan Bronca



M-School title: Editorial Intern at the Medical Post
Post-secondary institution: Carleton University
Program of study: Journalism




I consider myself what you might call a veteran intern. Over the last four years, I’ve worked at a big bank, two other magazines and a newspaper, and I now feel confident in saying M-School was the best internship I’ve ever done. Here’s why: right before I began writing this, my editor handed me a feature I had written that he had been polishing. He told me he’d made “some changes” but if I didn’t like anything I could change it back. By about the second or third exchange, it became clear that we had gone way past the point where most editors would just rewrite the sections I was struggling with. He didn’t. He worked with me to make it better without making it something that I wouldn’t recognize. This is something that seems to have become a rare privilege for young writers in an industry that’s always pressed for time.

For me, that was the most valuable part of the internship: working with people that are not only talented and patient, but also genuinely interested in helping me become a better journalist. While I was at the Medical Post, I wrote several features for the magazine, as well as daily web hits. I pitched my own stories and took on some that were assigned. It was busy and intimidating, but very worthwhile for those same reasons.

In fact, I think it may finally help me get a job. One that isn’t an internship.

What were your primary tasks?
Finding stories for the web and magazine, pitching stories, researching, conducting interviews and writing stories. I also did some proofreading.

Describe one day in the workplace
As soon as I came in, I would poke around the Internet for web stories to write that day. Once I found one or two, I would pitch them and then wait to hear which ones my editor wanted to use (or if he wanted to go with something entirely different). Meanwhile, I would work on other ongoing projects and longer pieces. After I wrote the web hit(s), I might do a little extra writing or head home. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What is your dream job?
Writer/Editor-at-large for GQ.


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