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Sarah Cunningham-Scharf



M-School title: Editorial Intern, Advisor Group
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Journalism




From day one, M-School was a wonderful whirlwind. The program’s directors organized the internship to make it as fulfilling and action-packed as possible. They provided continuous encouragement and support, as well as the opportunity to do some really exciting things around Rogers.

Interns were give a unique chance to learn about how branches of large publishing companies like Rogers are run, and how they interact with each other. We attended seminars about publishing, operations, marketing, video and multiplatform content, event planning, Next Issue and much more. Not your typical internship, to say the least. If I had to pick a highlight, it would be getting to sit at the Sportsnet anchor desk. I’m a huge sports fan.

I was selected to be an editorial intern for Advisor Group, a business services group that publishes two magazines and a website geared toward financial advisors. I was prepared to be overwhelmed, but I never was. My colleagues worked hard to sharpen my journalism skills to the level of the publication. My hiring manager spent an hour every week with me going over any questions I had about complex financial topics; I’m a far better journalist because of her mentorship and I feel much more confident in my skills and expertise. M-School provided the best experience I could hope for in an internship.

What were your primary tasks?
My main responsibilities were: creating both original and curated content for; writing two feature articles for the October issue of Advisor’s Edge magazine; conducting and transcribing interviews; organizing podcasts; contacting and recruiting sources for magazine articles; fact-checking articles written by colleagues; and many other tasks as they arose.

Describe one day in the workplace.
On any given day, I could come into work expecting to be working on one project and then be given something completely different. For example, I’d expect to be contacting a source to fact-check an article written by a colleague, and instead be sent an interview that I’d have to transcribe and cut into a few three-minute podcasts. I was always on my toes because every day was different. I was never bored.

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be either communications director at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment or a Hollywood stunt double. Or a travel writer. Or a professional Sudoku player.


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