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Quinn Wilson


M-School title:
Content & Community Intern, Next Issue Canada
Post-secondary institution: University of Western Ontario
Program of study: Media, Information and Technoculture




Have you ever wondered where you could learn about marketing, publishing, communications, production, business, strategy and tactics in a short amount of time?  At M-School, interns are given the opportunity to work in a large, forward-thinking company with a management team that empowers interns to learn and contribute. The M-School program delivers hands-on training at one of Canada’s leading communication and technology companies.

This internship program has a direct correlation with the courses I have taken at Western University, and I’ve been able to apply my academic learning to the real world. M-School is an extremely organized program, and mentors are focused on helping participants succeed. The mentors are industry leaders in their particular field who provide interns with first-hand knowledge of how each department works.

I had the privilege of working with the Next Issue team as a social media and content intern. Next Issue is on its way to becoming the vanguard of the publishing industry. I was able to actively contribute to various achievements for the company. Specifically, I was given the opportunity to produce blog posts, social posts, produce videos, attend events and participate in business meetings to support Next Issue’s marketing efforts. Through this internship, I was exposed to much more than entry-level tasks; I actively participated in the workings of the company. I’ve witnessed first-hand how a large company is run at all levels. In addition, I had the opportunity to network and make meaningful connections in the industry.

M-School provides unique, enriching and fulfilling opportunities that most people do not experience at other companies. When I graduate I will be more equipped to make educated choices about my own career path. And, M-School was just plain fun!

What were your primary tasks?

  • Creating bullets that radio stations could talk about for various magazines and tops such as Entertainment, Top 40, Sports etc.; these bullets are used across Canada
  • Posting on our various social media platforms about different content within each magazine or blog post
  • Developing blog posts

Describe one day in the workplace

  • Review new magazines that have been added to Next Issue
  • Compile radio bullets
  • Develop blog posts for the day
  • Publish social posts to promote in-app articles
  • Create blog photos in Adobe Photoshop

What is your dream job?
Editor-in-chief of Vogue or interior designer

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