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Matthew McLaughlin



M-School title: Video Producer and Editor, Flare
Post-secondary institution: University of Guelph
Program of study: Theatre Studies/Fine Arts




I have been running and operating my own production company, Bulldog Productions, for the last five years. Before M-school, I didn’t realize how big a role social media plays in getting the content I create seen on multiple platforms. Whether it was through creating Instagram videos or looking up trending keywords to get our search engine optimization (SEOs) up, I now understand how to improve the way content at Bulldog Productions gets distributed once it hits the web.

What were your primary tasks?
My primary tasks at Flare were to create video content for This included producing, filming and editing. Much of the content created was of an event that Flare was hosting, a behind-the-scenes photo shoot, or video showcasing a different designer or celebrity and their views on the world of fashion. I also attended weekly digital meetings where the Flare team and I would brainstorm new and exciting topics to feature on

Describe one day in the workplace
A typical day at Flare would see me corresponding directly with Flare’s head of digital to see what tasks needed to be completed by the end of the week. Once or twice a week, I would be filming and producing content, for which I would then source music and create title slides. Then I would edit the content and bring all the separate elements together so it could be posted on

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to continue what I am doing now. I love owning and operating my own business and am lucky enough to have amazing clients. My dream is to evolve Bulldog Productions to become much like a marketing firm that creates concepts, executes them on all levels of production, and comes up with the best strategy for the content to hit web, radio, print and television.


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