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Justin Chin



M-School title: Video Producer and Editor, Multiplatform Operations
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photojournalism




During my time at Rogers, I worked with different brands and publications like Maclean’s, Chatelaine and Canadian Business to produce and edit videos. I was grateful to be sent to Ottawa during the first week of my internship to cover the National Day of Honour for Maclean’s. Some of my photos were published online. I worked on different projects for both the iPad edition and the web for different brands. Working with different brands that cater to different audiences, I learned what each magazine needed and was able to work to their requirements. At Maclean’s, a weekly magazine, I was tasked with producing some videos on a tight deadline. This experience definitely polished my production skills, as well as my ability to communicate with other producers and colleagues and to work in a team environment.

What were your primary tasks?
My primary task was to produce and edit video content for several publications’ websites and iPad editions.

Describe one day in the workplace
There was never one typical day. One day I could be sent somewhere to take photos, while another I would be taking video of Justin Trudeau at a coffee shop. Other days I would be in the office, editing videos and replying to emails.

What is your dream job?
I hope to be able to tell meaningful stories and to make a difference in someone’s life, in a small or big way.


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