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Jenn McNaughton


M-School title:
Editorial Intern, HELLO! Canada
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Journalism




From interviewing celebrities and attending red-carpet screeners, to transcribing and pitching editorial content, no day is the same at M-School. Monthly seminars allowed interns to gain insight into fields different from their own and to network with the many departments throughout Rogers Media. More than that, we M-Schoolers actually missed each other during the time between meetings, so we enjoyed having the chance to reconnect.

Throughout the internship, we were offered collaborative projects, a day trip to an off-site printing facility, and the opportunity to ask questions of experts in both the consumer and business sectors. My goal at the start of the internship was to gain a more broad experience, having solidified my beat in fashion journalism early on. With my placement at Hello! Canada, I was able to contribute to the tablet edition (working on reader engagement, and generating quizzes and timelines), do research for the entertainment section, and write for the “Movie News” and “Well-Being” pages. Needless to say, gaining experience in three new departments broadened my skills.

M-School didn’t feel like any other internship position I have held. The primary difference was the environment: an open-minded workplace where interns can enhance others’ ideas and expand on our own. I returned to J-School at Ryerson in the fall but was sad to leave this team of creative, talented students behind!

What were your primary tasks?
I took on primary roles in both the print and tablet editions of the magazine. I learned the importance of engaging the reader. Daily tasks included transcribing, conducting research, writing for the entertainment section, brainstorming movie extras, and generating interview questions, celebrity quizzes and timelines.

Describe one day in the workplace
No day is the same! In the morning, I typically reviewed emails and caught up on any news I might have missed the night prior; the beauty of this industry is that it’s always changing. After the editors discussed the stories for the day, I usually assisted with article research and/or generated tablet extras to coincide with the issue. The rest of the day was spent working alongside the staff writers to complete any other tasks they may have had, including organizing the beauty closet, image requests, administrative tasks and, sometimes, interviewing or attending a movie screener! The HELLO! environment is incredibly supportive and positive. You’d be surprised how much you can pack into one short day; there are no limits and adaptation is key.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is hard to define, as I’m interested in both the editorial and graphic aspects of publishing. Although I would love to be an editor someday, I would also like to dabble in art direction and graphic design. Whichever path I choose, the thing that remains constant is my beat: fashion journalism. Harper’s Bazaar, RUSSH, i-D, BULLETT and Acne Paper are publications I can see myself working at, from both a content and aesthetic perspective.


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