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Hey M-School candidates!

We have been listening, and we hope to address your most frequently asked questions and concerns here.


Are accommodations provided for out-of-town students?
Unfortunately, no. All students are required to find their own room and board.


Can I apply more than once?
One submission per student, please. Applying more than once will not increase your chances of getting into the program.


Can I apply to more than one area of interest?
You may apply to another area of interest if you are a strong candidate in multiple fields. A separate application is required for each area of interest. Applying to all areas will not increase your chances of getting into the program.


Besides meeting the requirements, what else do I need to get into the program?
Be yourself! Only you know how to be you. If you meet the requirements, it’s up to you to decide how you would like to stand out from other applicants.


Do I get to choose which magazine I’m placed with?
Unfortunately, no. You get to choose an area of interest and M-School managers will decide which magazine you will be matched with based on your application and interview.


Can I do another internship while I’m participating in M-School?
M-School is a full-time, high-intensity internship program that lasts from the beginning of May to the end of August. If another internship outside of M-School interrupts this schedule, you are not eligible to apply.

Are portfolios and references required?
Yes, references are required. Portfolios are required for video and design students. We prefer a link to a website for portfolios.

I’m having trouble applying through the website.
This could be due to a couple of things:

  • Your portfolio is too big to send through the portal (please send a website link).
  • Try not to wait until the deadline day to submit your application! We’ve experienced website crashing on the deadline days.


How many internship positions are available?
The number of internship positions available for the M-School program is 15. We are unable to announce specifics about the opportunities or confirm the number of positions until after we have interviewed all potential candidates.


I don’t live in Toronto. How will the interview process work for me?
Not to worry! Candidates outside of Toronto who are unable to visit Rogers HQ will be interviewed via Skype. We expect the same level of professionalism as with an in-person interview.


What kind of learning opportunities do interns receive in the program?
Interns will be given considerable opportunities while at M-School. They include being part of a publishing team, being treated like full-time staff, being responsible for major projects and networking within Rogers Media. There are no clichéd intern duties (i.e. coffee runs and photocopying) at M-School. You’ll experience real-world work in a corporate environment. The experience is phenomenal, and our M-School alumni will back us up. Be sure to check out the Profiles page where you can read every M-School alumni’s experience.


Will I be notified if I am not selected as an intern?
Due to the extremely high volume of candidates, we are only able to notify candidates who are selected for an interview.


Is there a chance of employment after the internship?
Many opportunities have come about for interns after M-School. However, full-time positions at the end of the program are not guaranteed.




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