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Emily Johnston



M-School title: Events Team Member, Events & Planning
Post-secondary institution: University of Western Ontario
Program of study: Media Information and Technoculture




M-School is a place where people encourage you to learn and grow. M-School wants you to apply your talent while expanding your knowledge in all other areas of the media business. Through sessions and projects, I gained a wealth of experience in the field. As a person, student and employee, M-School made me feel so welcome throughout my internship. All of the nervous jitters went away quickly after entering the doors of Rogers on the first day.

The next four months brought challenges and opportunities. I learned to be flexible and encourage change. In the busy yet supportive atmosphere, I became a part of a family. I had the pleasure of being a member of the Events team, and I helped run roughly 30 of Rogers’ 150 annual events. By being on site for each one, I was able to see a variety of event set-ups and styles. From conferences to galas, each had a unique spin. Some of my favourites were HELLO! Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful Gala and The Profit 500 Summit.

The other family I became a part of was the M-School family. The M-School interns were eager to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. We were all placed in different areas of the company, but we stuck together for support and fun. We attended class sessions and off-site trips together, and enjoyed lots of laughs.

I am returning to school in the fall with plenty of new knowledge and friends, all thanks to a great summer with M-School.

What were your primary tasks?
I was primarily responsible for the preparation and execution of registration for events. This included: creating name badges and information packages, shipping, set-up and more. I was required to be on site for all the events to support the Events team in ensuring the conferences or galas ran smoothly.

Describe one day in the workplace
The part I loved most about working with the Events team was that each day was different. There were weeks that were spent mostly on site at events, while there were times when I was in the office doing paperwork. I attended weekly meetings that updated the various Rogers publications on their upcoming events. While at an event, I would set up the registration desk and any signage one hour prior to the event start. I would remain at the desk for the duration of the event, answering questions and directing attendees.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a baseball analyst.


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