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Anil Panchal




M-School title: Marketing Specialist, Next Issue Canada
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Graphic Communications Management



M-School was a hands-on experience in the world of publishing and magazines. The ability to work with a reputable company like Rogers allowed me access to many of the publishing brands that people only dream of working for. I was fortunate enough to work with Next Issue, a company created to change the magazine industry as we see it. In a world filled with technology and innovation, Next Issue gave me a chance to gain new perspectives on the importance of content and digital information. Everyone I met and worked with was inspired and passionate about what they do, and they were always willing to teach. This experience has improved my ability to manage my time efficiently, and to meet the demands and pressures of the job. Being exposed to different areas of publishing helped me decide what I really want out of my career. I met so many amazing and reputable people thanks to the M-School program.

What were your primary tasks?

  • Strong focus on customer acquisition and marketing
  • Email marketing; coding and developing responsive HTML
  • Design of online advertisements and collaterals
  • Event planning
  • Working with external marketing agencies and vendors to accomplish goals and solutions

Describe one day in the workplace
Fast-paced, with lots of coffee! Very engaged and social.

What is your dream job?
CEO of a successful company


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