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Amanda Watkins



M-School title: Marketing Intern, Next Issue Canada
Post-secondary institution: McMaster University
Program of study: Communication Studies & Multimedia



M-School provided the best of a magazine experience and a school environment. The internship offered a comprehensive, classroom-style session once a week, as well as an immersive, hands-on publishing experience with some of the best brands in the country.

I was placed in marketing and design with Next Issue, one of the organization’s newest brands and, in my opinion, a true game-changer in print journalism. I had the opportunity to work with staff who have been in the field for years and who, regardless of their seniority, were engaged in what I was doing. They actively helped me find new opportunities with both Next Issue and Rogers’ print publications.

Working with Next Issue provided me with invaluable skills and gave me a better understanding of the diverse world of publishing and all it has to offer. The creative staff and encouraging environment allowed me to develop my skills as a designer, writer and communicator.

My background is in communications and multimedia, so M-School gave me the opportunity to apply my classroom skills to the workplace. The weekly sessions gave me an inside look at the mechanisms of publishing and allowed interns to network with other publications and departments. It made for a well-rounded experience and gave us the chance to dabble in several different streams of publishing.

M-School’s weekly sessions coupled with a full-time internship position provided an amazing chance to get a full understanding of the world of publishing.

What were your primary tasks?

  • Assisting with retention strategies and campaigns, including: Winback and upsell offers, promotional contests, gifting, content curating for weekly mailouts and specialized outreach
  • Developing and designing responsive HTML email templates
  • Creating web page mockups for Next Issue and partner sites
  • Writing copy and designing graphics for emails, web pages, direct mails, display ads and social media channels
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